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coaching clients

  • "I chose to reach out to Madeleine during a time in life when I felt deeply lost in so many ways. For different reasons I wanted to change my mindset and develop a more conscious way of living my life. At the time I was struggling to find a job, didn't know how to cope with my overthinking brain, or how to practice self-love and be more kind to myself. I was really longing for guidance, and that's when I found Madeleine's coaching program. So many things has changed since my first session with her. I guess the most noticeable shift is that I now have gotten myself a great job! But Madeleine also helped me regain my confidence, my focus and to attract the right energies in order to move in the desired direction. She has challenged me to be brave and try new things, she even helped me to heal hidden wounds from the past. I would especially recommend this to someone who is feeling lost, trying to find their purpose, and needs a boost of love, advice, and hands-on exercises. Personally I wasn't sure really what I wanted or what I needed, but Madeleine helped me get back on track, to rediscover myself and how to live my best life! She is an amazingly wise and friendly coach who will hold your hand on this journey to new beginnings."

    — Charlotte Wittmar
  • "I started my coaching with Madeleine because I felt lost and needed some guidance. I experienced a big shift during the shadow work session we did, where two events from my childhood came up, and I got the chance to meet my inner child, to hold her in the hand and guide her out of the situation. It was a powerful experience, the tears were running and I healed an inner wound. Afterwards I felt a huge relief and the feeling of emptiness was gone. It felt very safe to be guided by Madeleine during this experience and she really helped me to tap into my subconscious mind. Many areas of my life have improved since I started with the coaching. It’s been good to work both with reflection exercises and 1:1 sessions. To sit down every other week to talk through life and where I am at that moment has given me more perspective and insights. Madeleine is a good listener and asks questions that support my growth. It’s also been very comforting to have someone to turn to and to bounce ideas off during this period. I will definitely miss that now that the program is over. I would recommend this program to people who want to find their path, shift their focus and live the life they’re dreaming of. You get access to a whole workbook with many good exercises and journaling prompts. That in combination with the shadow work session and regular 1:1 sessions created a big transformation in my life and I feel more confident and less lost now than I did a few months ago."

    — Minna Johannsdottir
  • "For a long time I’ve felt stuck in a rut in my everyday life where my energy has been completely drained — I work, cook and take care of my child but I haven’t had any time at all for myself and I’ve lost connection with the things I enjoy doing and with what makes me feel good. First of all just to feel Madeleine’s energy and to have someone who believes in me, to hear that I have so much more inside of me than I thought I had myself. And to further explore these parts of myself, with various exercises and homework, has given me the urge to rediscover my inner self and the feeling of having a bigger self-worth — I deserve to spend time on myself and the things that make me feel good, to dare to be creative even if it doesn’t lead to a concrete outcome. To do this work while having Madeleine supporting me has been an immense help for someone who had lost their sense of self-worth. I would recommend this program to anyone who feels like there is so much more to life than just living; with the support and CHEERING from Madeleine being able to reconnect with what brings you fulfillment and inner joy."

    — Ylva Nyblom
  • "When I joined Madeleine’s program From Friction to Fulfillment, I was at quite a low point in my life. My employment contract had just ended, I had just come out of a break-up — and due to this didn’t have a permanent place to stay, so my life was straight up in shambles. I felt generally lost, I was starting to question a lot of my old patterns and I wanted a change. I had discovered that there were a lot of different paths and trends out there that I could follow to get my life together and live a more fulfilled life, but I felt I was in desperate need of guidance. Slowly but steadily I started turning my life around with the help of this program. With the help of her workbook, our sessions, recommended books and exercises, and our voice message contact, I managed to lay a foundation for myself where I felt safe to grow. I discovered how detached I had been from my emotions and my intuition and was given tools to work on these parts of myself, and I also reconnected with my inner child in many ways. Now I am in a position where I have a much clearer vision of myself, how I function and what I need and want, and how I can get these things for myself. I am living my childhood dream out in the countryside and I am taking care of myself in ways I never thought I would or were even worthy of. Having Madeleine hold my hand through this period has been invaluable to me. Acting as a coach, mentor, and in many cases, as a friend, her advice has always felt sincere and helpful. I feel proud of how I have handled my situation and how I am growing, and I wholeheartedly recommend this program to anyone, whether it be someone who feels as lost as I did or someone who has come further on their journey to their best self. You deserve it!"

    — Julia Dahlin

shadow work clients

  • "I had such a powerful and moving shadow work session with Madeleine. I had no idea what to expect since this was my first time doing this type of work, but I felt extremely safe and comfortable by Madeleine’s warm presence and intuitive nature.I went into the experience feeling a bit scattered and overwhelmed, but was floored by how quickly I was able to drop into things thanks to her guidance, breathwork and music. And while the experience stirred up a lot in me, I felt supported every step of the way and came out of the experience feeling significantly lighter. So powerful and SO necessary — I can’t wait for my next session."

    — Ashley Einspahr
  • "In my session with Madeleine I felt as if I was in the best hands - in a safe, calm and caring space where I could follow her guidance and open up to the process and my shadow work. After I felt more energy, and like I was in better touch with my true, pure self that I sometimes tend to forget. An experience I can highly recommend."

    — Camilla Westh Hecter
  • "I had a very powerful session and connected with parts of myself that I had never connected with before."

    — Hailey Parker
  • "Madeleine guides you into deep relaxation and through your own inner world with such a gentleness, that makes you feel totally safe to go deep within yourself. I felt extremely calm afterwards and the session opened up for new insights together with a lot of curiosity of other things to explore within myself in additional sessions. Will definitely do it again!"

    — Malin Strandqvist
  • "Madeleine has got such a special and unique offering. During our shadow work session together she created a safe and nurturing space to go look deep into what’s stopping me from taking the next big step in my life — limiting beliefs stemming from childhood. It was a very simple, yet eye-opening session. Not only did I feel seen and supported, but I also felt big energetic shifts within my body — her Reiki work is powerful! Thank you Madeleine for helping me see that YES, I can step into my power. "

    — Clémentine Koenig
  • "Madeleine’s Reiki Infused Shadow Healing session was something I had never experienced before. She will guide you deep into your subconscious and help you to delve through what’s down there, right back to the places that we never revisit — either because they can be a painful place to go, or because we simply neglect them. It was an incredible experience that I would highly recommend to anyone who is interested in starting to work through moments in their past that they have found difficult to work through. Madeleine also has a beautifully calm voice, and makes you feel as though she is right there in the room with you."

    — Katherine Bristow
  • "My session with Madeleine was incredibly powerful. Madeleine allowed me to arrive into the space (albeit virtual) with an open mind and authenticity. I felt very comfortable with her and felt at any point during the session, I could ask her questions. After some potent breathwork, we began the visualisation and inner child work. Her guidance allowed me to connect to myself on a far deeper level. I enjoyed her playfulness and ability to hold space. I’ll be back!"

    — Chloe Knowlden

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